De Diego Rental takes pride in its partnership with Wacker Neuson, a renowned and original compaction brand synonymous with top-notch soil and asphalt compaction results. Wacker Neuson’s comprehensive range of compaction equipment, ranging from the classic rammer to cutting-edge battery-operated products, ensures the effcient completion of various construction tasks.
In collaboration with Wacker Neuson, De Diego Rentals offers a diverse selection of their finest equipment, all readily available in stock. Whatever your construction project demands, we have you covered with an extensive inventory, including Rammeers, Excavators, and Track Loaders.

At De Diego Rental, our commitment to customer satisfaction is unwavering. We prioritize our customers by guaranteeing the best equipment and exceptional service. Above all, we emphasize redundancy, ensuring that our equipment is reliable and ready to tackle the challenges of any construction project. With De Diego Rental and Wacker Neuson, you can trust that your equipment needs are met with quality, effciency, and a dedication to excellence.

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