With Barreto Corporation being a leader in the industry, our clients can expect access to the latest innovations and advancements in construction trencher equipment technology. This ensures that customers have access to state-of-the-art machinery that incorporates the latest features and improvements, further enhancing their satisfaction with the equipment.

Overall, the partnership between De Diego Rental and Barreto Corporation in the trench equipment ensures that our clients receive high-quality, reliable, and effcient machinery, supported by comprehensive services, leading to enhanced satisfaction and success on their construction projects.



Honda GX3901624D: Briggs & Stratton Vanguard V-Twin 16hp


Transport Height: 46%E2%80%B3 Transport Width: 35%E2%80%B3Front Wheel to Handlebar: 71%E2%80%B3- Boom End to Handlebar: 83%E2%80%B3Wheel Base: 35%E2%80%B3Trench Center to Outside Left: 16%E2%80%B3Trench Center to Outside Right: 19%E2%80%B3- Weight: 900 lbsHydraulic Reservoir: 14 gallonsGround Drive Forward: 180 ft/minGround Drive Reverse: 90 ft/minDigging Chain Speed: 260 ft/minBoom Depth Options: 24, 30, or 36%E2%80%B3Chain Width Options: 4 or 6%E2%80%B3


•Boom tension can be easily adjusted when needed
• Quick access to all of the hydraulics for easy maintenance and repair
• Simple controls are easy to operate with no color codes to remember
• Hydraulic pumps are protected yet accessible
• Reversible chain can be manually operated to dislodge debris



2024RTKH: Honda GX6302324RTKH: Honda GX6902324RTKB: Briggs & Stratton Vanguard V-Twin 23hp


Weight: 1,690 lbs.Height: 56.2%E2%80%B3Length: 108%E2%80%B3Width: 35.5%E2%80%B3Track Width: 7.1%E2%80%B3Total Ground Contact: 470 sq. in.Hydraulic Reservoir: 14 gallonsGround Drive Forward: 210 ft/minGround Drive Reverse: 90 ft/minDigging Chain Speed: 270 ft/min Boom Depth Options: 24, 30, 36, 42, or 48%E2%80%B3 (48%E2%80%B3 only available on 23RTK models)Chain Width Options: 4 or 6%E2%80%B3



All hydraulic means no belts, gears, or chains. The hydraulic chain drive motor is attached directly to the head shaft. Maintenance is easy and repairs are minimized. A lower center of gravity provides stability. The outboard bearing is designed to protect the auger shaft from the bending that is sometimes caused by the impact of rocks or other debris when trenching.


The control panel is simple and understandable. The safety clutch engages and disengages the wheel and chain drives. When the clutch is released, the engine continues to run and the controls remain in place, ready for you to resume trenching at any time. Variable speed drive allows the operator to adjust their wheel speed to the soil conditions. The reversible chain drive can be operated manually to dislodge obstructions or debris. The operator can manually unlock the axle with a lever on the control panel for easier turning when transporting.


Trenchers can become one of your leading revenue sources. With a unique design that provides limited need for maintenance and repair, these trenchers will keep going out into the field time and again without sitting in the shop waiting for repair. Because Barreto trenchers are reliable in the most dificult trenching conditions, customer satisfaction is high. Your return on investment is increased when you reduce your overhead by limiting maintenance time and repair parts and by providing a piece of equipment that works hard for your customers.

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