Welder Generators

Welder Generators


Multiquip, established in 1973, is a prominent and diversified manufacturer and supplier renowned for its exceptional products and solutions across various sectors. Specializing in construction, industrial, telecom, government, non-commercial, aerospace, entertainment, and oil & gas exploration markets, Multiquip has solidified its position as a trusted provider of world-class quality offerings.

Meanwhile, De Diego Rental emerges as a frontrunner in industrial and construction equipment within Puerto Rico and the broader Caribbean region. Renowned for its comprehensive range of equipment and services, De Diego Rental has established itself as the go-to destination for businesses and projects requiring reliable machinery and support. With a commitment to excellence and a track record of reliability, both Multiquip and De Diego Rental play pivotal roles in shaping their respective industries and facilitating progress in their operational areas.

Welder Generators DLW300ESA1

300 amp Welder, 10.5KW, 120/240V, T4F Kubota The DLW300ESA1 welder/generator is a CC/CV output unit that delivers superior arc characteristics and consistent welding quality. Rated for 10.5kW, It is the quietest welder/generator in the industry, with only 59 dBA at 23 feet. The E-mode feature improves fuel efficiency by allowing the operator to weld at idle up to 160 amps, reducing operating costs and noise levels.



400 amp Welder, 14kW, 120/240V, T4F Kubota This CC (constant current) and CV (constant voltage) welder delivers up to 400 amps during single operation or 200 amps to both outputs during dual operation. This unit provides up to 14 kW of clean, 120/240 AC power as a generator. A digital panel display provides both amperage/voltage and troubleshooting information to the operator(s). Smart Stick, E-Mode, and Arc Force are just some of the features of the DLW400ESA4 from Multiquip


Options - Wire remotes, welding cable, cable carriers, toolboxes, trailers, and cold weather items are available for this model.

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