De Diego Rental's partnership with EDCO Corporation signifies a significant advancement in providing top-tier solutions for our clients. EDCO Corporation, renowned as a premier manufacturer, brings to the table a range of high-performance machinery and tooling specifically designed to tackle demanding tasks with precision and efficiency.

Specializing in surface preparation, floor grinding, removal, vacuum systems, and professional sawing equipment, EDCO has established itself as a leader in the industry, delivering world-class products that meet the rigorous standards of professionals across various sectors. This partnership allows us to offer our clients access to cutting-edge equipment that empowers them to achieve exceptional results, whether they are engaged in construction, renovation, or maintenance projects.

With EDCO's expertise and innovative solutions complementing our commitment to excellence in service and support, our clients can expect unparalleled performance and reliability in every.

8’’ ® Crete-Planers

Crete-Planers level, remove, texture and groove concrete and asphalt surfaces. The 8” Planer solves common removal applications and is the best product to quickly level sidewalk trip hazards. Its available is gasoline, electric and propane.


  • 8’’ working width will scarify approximately 350-500 sq. ft. per hour at Depth Per Pass of 1/8’’
  • Removes traffic lines at 800-1,000 lineal ft. per hour.
  • Power source over drum to eliminate vibration and maximize surface contact.
  • Compact design.
  • Optional water misting system.
  • Front-mounted lifting handle makes loading and unloading easy.
  • Vacuum port equipped.
  • Comes Standard with 78 Cutters & 215 Spacers.

Magna-Trap® Dual-Disc Floor Grinder

Floor Grinders solve first layer applications like smoothing concrete, preparing floors for new coverings and removing thinner coatings, soft materials and ice. This dual-disc model grinds approximately 500sqft per hour.


  • GRIND WEDGE-LESS: The need for wooden wedges goes away with EDCO’s Magna-Trap® Slide-On Tooling.
  • GRIND LEVEL: Using EDCO’s exclusive Leveling System you can adjust the machine’s height, use a wide range of tooling, and truly grind level. Level grinding is quicker, smoother, easier on the operator, and increases tooling life.
  • VELCRO DUST SHROUD: This new heavy-duty Velcro Dust Shroud makes dust prevention easier. Simply readjust the shroud according to the height of the tooling being used.
  • Laser-Cut Weight Tray: This built-in weight tray accepts up to 80lbs. of extra weight!
  • Multi-Vac port for use with 2’’ or 3’’ vacuum hose.
  • 21.5’’ working width will grind approximately 400-500 sq.ft. per hour at 1/32’’ with diamond tooling.
  • Gas & electric power options available.
  • Includes 2 magnetic multi-tooling discs, which accept Dyma-Serts, Strip-Serts and
    all other Magna-Trap® grinder tooling.
  • Counter-rotating discs prevent machine from pulling side to side and give.
    operator greater control
  • 6 grinding tools required per loading.
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