Tandem Roller: High performance
for excellent compaction resultse

The RD12 tandem vibratory roller with a dual drum drive and articulated steering for excellent maneuverability. With a front vibrating drum and rear static drum it offers effciency compaction results in a compact package. This machine is ideally suited for commercial and residential compaction of asphalt and granular subbase material. Primary applications include parking lots, driveways, secondary roads, repair work and nature trails. Additionally, the RD12 is utilized for turf rolling in the landscape and golf industry segments.

Ergonomic Operator Platform

Optimized curb and side clearance

Excellent drum visibility

Fully integrated operating lever

Industry leading service access


Tandem roller:
Convenient and efficiente

The RD24 is the compact, versatile roller for every construction site. With its three-point articulated pendulum joint, the roller achieves a consistently even weight distribution with optimum maneuverability and travel stability. As a result, excellent, high-quality asphalt surfaces can be achieved. The user benefits from intuitive operation as well as the comprehensive view of the compaction area. Because of its compact dimensions, the RD24 is an excellent choice for use in confined areas.

Uniform operating concept

Large line-of-sight, compact construction


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