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Stone XH840

  • High impact poly shoe with a steel reinforced base plate takes more abuse.

  • Heavy duty rubber shock mounts cushion vibration to the operator for greater comfort.

  • See-through polyethylene fuel tank allows for quick fuel checks.

  • Wrap around handle and side shields protect engine from on site damage.

Forward Plate

  • Patented sprinkler system dispenses a sheet of water uniformly across the base to prevent asphalt from sticking and helps reduce dust in dirt applications.

  • Self-cleaning open base plate design eliminates dirt build up. Reduces maintenance and increases uptime. 

  • Kevlar belt mounted on an offset sheave greatly reduces belt stress and extends the belt life.

  • Heavy-duty dual stage shock mounts provide superior vibration isolation to the engine and components. Helps prevent component wear and reduces operator stress and fatigue.

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